DMCA Ignored Hosting, The Truth you need to know!

Have you ever seen a website having copyrighted content and wondered why they are not getting DMCA notification to take them down? If yes then you should keep diving into this article to know all about DMCA ignored hosting.

Digital millennium copyright act or DMCA was adopted in 1998. under this act, websites are prohibited from uploading the copyrighted content illegally on their website. It can include any media files like music, video as well as a photograph.

Therefore if any website has copied content from the other website then DMCA forces that website to remove or delete the content which is copyrighted.

Working of DMCA

DMCA suspense or block any content that is copyrighted including photos videos and text belonging to the other sites of a website whose content is being stolen. When the copyright owner finds out about any such activities, it can send the host the infringement notification through the mail. After this, the host will block or suspend the website with copyrighted content. DMCA law is made to safeguard individual’s property however many parties misuse this law.

What is DMCA ignored hosting?

No website host can ignore the DMCA. But web hosts locate their servers in other countries to protect themselves from DMCA. This also protects any illegal content on their sites.

A good hosting provider can prevent other parties from taking their content down by DMCA. And fun the website without any problems as well as gain followings.

DMCA ignored hosting is carried out by the provider. Although many objections that have valid proof are to be deal with. However, the complaint does not mean that you have to remove the content but ensure that the interests of other parties are respected.

Why should I go for DMCA ignored hosting?

Some people may think! What is the need for DMCA ignored hosting when they can create a better website with authentic content. Well, this world has become a highly competitive place with various parties who launch a complaint to simply suspend or shut down the other websites.

You can’t believe but it happens more often In the online world. And most of the time it happens that the complaints do not include any evidence still the website has to pay the price. This happens because the policy says “suspend first and investigate later.” If you want to choose a hosting that ignores DMCA then you will become vulnerable to such attacks.

DMCA ignored hosting allows websites to remain alive. Also, you get the freedom to show anything on your website without getting banned. Another benefit of DMCA ignored hosting is that you can focus on growing your customer base without getting bothered by unjustified attacks of other parties. It is the best hosting type if you want to open an online Casino.

A DMCA ignored hosting provider will deal with various other matters like leg disputes. Hence you will have more time to focus on your website and other important things.

Apart from that DMCA ignored hosting team will be there for supporting you and gives you the highly advanced security features for your website. These security features will protect you from threats and dangers like DDoS attacks.

Dmca ignored hosting offers various methods of payments including cryptocurrencies thus, it ensures anonymity. Thus, hiring such a hosting company is highly beneficial!

Is it possible to do DMCA ignored hosting without hosting it offshore?

It is extremely difficult to answer this question. However, for the safe hosting of a website the company prefers to host it in other countries which do not comply with the DMCA. Countries that stick to DMC will quickly shut down or suspend your website on a single complaint.

This is why the DMCA hosting provider prefers to host their servers in an offshore location. Offshore hosting allows you to use copyrighted content on your site as it doesn’t follow DMCA.

How to do Offshore hosting?

Let’s say you live in a nation where DMCA rules apply, yet you wish to share copyrighted films. The first thing you have to do is look for the companies which do not comply with the DMCA. Online you can find a number of hosting providers that offer DMCA ignored hosting.

You can look at the reviews or you can search for the offshore hosting providers after looking at the feature and services they offer. Hire them and it won’t cost you too much.

Types of offshore hosting

Dedicated Server:

In this type of hosting your website is hosted on a whole dedicated server. Websites that have a lot of traffic and lots of applications or sensitive information can make use of this service.

Shared Hosting:

It is a cost-effective solution and hear you share one server with more than two users. Users have equal access to server resources, allowing them to simply administer their websites.

VPS Hosting:

This form of hosting is a hybrid system that combines both dedicated and shared servers. A single server is divided into several small servers. This type of hosting is very effective as compared to dedicated and shared hosting as well as allows you to save a lot of money.

List of countries that don’t follow DMCA law

  • Russia
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Bulgaria
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands

Tips to find the best DMCA ignored hosting provider

There are several DMCA ignored hosting providers out there. But not all of these offer great services and terms, therefore, it is important for you to search thoroughly.


whenever you search for the DMCA ignored hosting provider first of all check its location. Finding the location of the hosting provider and knowing that it has a location in the country that does not comply with the DMCA will be better!


Usually, it is not easy to find a good hosting provider without much knowledge, this makes you vulnerable to fall into traps of fake hosting companies. They will ask you to pay money and vanish. Try to know about the hosting company, its reputation, and whether they use a safe payment mode or not.


Always trust a hosting provider giving you a safe and secure payment method. Do not pay money through any payment mode. It can be a trap to steal your money and bank details. Hence, look for DMCA ignored hosting providers who have safe and legal payment modes. Also, it should keep users’ information anonymous.


Another important thing that you have to consider when searching the DMCA ignored hosting provider is to check the services and features they offer. Look for the hosting company that gives you updates features that you want. Not just that, also make sure that the security feature of the host is strong enough to deal with other parties.


The best hosting provider will definitely write their customers reviews and so you can check the reviews. Know about what their customers say about their services. Compare and select the companies which have better reviews and do better performance. Also, see how other websites that are being hosted by a particular company are performing.

Why the offshore country you choose for DMCA ignored hosting is important?

Choosing a country plays an important role in DMCA ignored hosting. Even there are some countries that don’t comply with the DMCA. They also have other policies and restrictions which allow them to take down contents of other websites.

The country you choose for hosting a site is also very important. Many countries do not have DMCA, however, they may have other restrictions to prevent you from uploading copied content.

For example, Singapore is one such country having its own copyright laws. Thus if someone chooses this country for hosting their site, they have to learn the copyright laws of Singapore.

Not only that choosing a country is a very essential factor, because other country’s policies may affect your website’s and its growth. For example, Russia doesn’t follow DMCA however if the content you want to host is political then they won’t allow you to do so.

Therefore, you should make thorough research about the location which is best and then look at DMCA ignored hosting provider.

Now that you know all about DMCA ignored hosting, its use, benefits, tips to choose and everything. You can choose a hosting provider as per your need. You will no longer have to get taken down by other parties or face issues in posting the copyrighted material. When there won’t be any such issues, you can focus on your site growth and gaining an audience easily. Your business will make more profit when you can carry out your work peacefully! Your competitors will never have to change to bring you down so easily!