[Solved] What is err_connection_reset, how to fix it?

People use World Wide Web (www) to access the internet, and it has increased its popularity. Although, anyone can use the internet easily from their laptop and mobile phone. All require a good internet connection and suitable electronic devices to explore a web browser. However, with more advanced technology, the quality of the internet is also linked up with the complexity of different projects sometimes.

 Although mobile applications require more technical specifications nowadays, it is just because more dynamic applications are developing today.  It is the main reason there may be a chance of increasing the err_connection_reset problem over client and server pages. However, this is a technical error, and a message will pop up in the user window that is sometimes unable to understand because it will be written in technical slang and terms. So now the question arises: What is “err_connection_reset,” and how can anyone fix this 101 error more appropriately in their devices?


Whenever a user tried to access any website with the help of a browser, he will get a message like this “err_connection_reset.” It means that your browser is not able to establish the connection properly. This error arises when there is a problem between the pc device and webserver to load the webpages of a site and which provides outcomes, the connection has to be “reset.”

However, the user gets the 101 code error. Although, this error commonly arises in the Google Chrome web browser. Furthermore, this error also displays in other browsers like internet explorer, Firefox, etc. they also show connection reset problems. Although it is challenging to find HTTP error pop-ups, it rarely indicates why they occur, just like by client-server, the network, or it occurs due to server-side error. 

In technical terms, when you tried to connect to reach the desired project, your browser will receive only a FIN request. It is a kind of transmission control protocol (TCP), a web standard protocol used for end connection to the client-server. Although, FIN TCP packet is used by a previously established connection that is available for a certain period, although it is not associated with the err_connection_reset. 

Although in simple terms, the err_connection_reset indicates the interruption and reset the connection whenever the user tries to load the web pages over browsers. Usually, the user can resolve this error by restarting the device or refresh and reload the webpage twice. Although, if not solving the issue, then read this article to fix this error.

How to fix err_connection_reset in browsers?

There are strategies and tips are available to fix the err_connection_reset or 101 error problems in your browser. However, whenever users tried to reach the browser, they will get an instant connection set up to fail. Users can try the following tips to resolve this network error.

Tips 1- connect to your internet provider

In most cases, the user internet provider will automatically block selected IP dresses that restrict customers from opening particular projects in a browser. Although a firewall system protects computer devices from using dangerous activity over the internet, it will restrict automatically. However, users can request the internet service provider to provide access to those blocked websites. Although, the internet service provider will not ignore their customer’s request.

Tips 2- Restart your router

However, connection errors such as err_connection_reset, 101 error, etc., can be fixed usually by rebooting the internet network devices. Although most routers have power button options available, the user requires to press them. If your router does not have a power button, you can disconnect the power supply by temporarily unplugging the power cord. Now, wait for a minute to resolve some internal errors and remove the router’s cache memory.  After that, you can reconnect the power cord to the network device to reload the web pages you may want.

Tip 3- Clear browser cache and history

Your internet browser store various information such as cookies, passwords, download history, and the data of the sites that users have visited. However, users can delete all this stored information by using clear cache options. Although, sometimes cache information stops a user from connection set up and pops up an err_connection_reset message.

However, users can easily solve this problem by visiting a set menu in the Chrome browser, choosing the “more tools,” and then going to the “clear browsing data” section. Now click on the “clear data ” option to remove the entire cache history from the browsers. Although, select “time range ” options. It is the few steps users can do to remove 101 errors from their browser.

Tip 4- check out proxy server settings

In most cases, a proxy server is available in internet settings can block the connection setup through the server. The proxy server can cause err_connection_reset, and it can automatically enter via add-ons and plugins, which are predefined in the browser. Although to avoid this, the user can inspect proxy server settings and deactivate to access the browser.

To do this, open the control panel and choose “internet options,” then go to proxy setting options and deactivate the “proxy server” option by unchecking it. The option will come as a “proxy server for LAN use.”  This is the better solution to avoid 101 or connection errors in the system network.

Tip 5- Delete Winsock catalog entry

For windows sure, then can fix err_connection _reset problems by deleting the catalog entries in the Winsock interface. For this, go to the windows icon options, choose “all programs,” then select the “accessories” tab. Now go to the  ”command prompt” tab, then visits the “run administrator” feature. If the user will get notifications, Winsock has reset successfully, then restart your computer. However, the Winsock interface is used to establish a connection in the program catalog and creates a way to access the desirable website over the internet. This interface is typically used in Windows operating system to establish a connection through TCP/IP software.

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