Err_Too_Many_Redirects How to fix on WordPress Site

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From a wide list of errors, err_too_many_redirects is the most common error. A computer operator has to face this issue daily. Error too many redirects or redirect loop is easy to fix.

As the name suggests this error occurs due to too many redirects. The variation of this browser depends on the device you are working on. For example – on google chrome the error will be highlighted as – this page isn’t working. It has a redirect problem.

On the same token, in Mozilla Firefox it will be shown as – the page isn’t redirecting. This problem is sometimes caused by refusing or disabling to accept cookies.

Similarly, in Microsoft Edge, you will see – the page is not working right now. Moreover, in Safari it is shown as ‘Safari can’t open the page’.

What are redirects?

URL is a unique identifier for finding the webpage on the internet. Every webpage has a unique locator. So, you can access the page by entering the URL in the address bar. For retaining the ranking of the last page many website owners set up a direct to the next page.

Whenever the user accesses the old page, he is taken to the new by the redirecting rule.

Why setup a redirect?

Take a look at the major reasons why it’s essential to set up a redirect.

  1. Migrating website from one place to another has a new structure of URL. For instance – the URL of a statistic website will be like – page.HTML. Whereas, when this moves to a dynamic platform, the new structure of URL will be like –
  2. The URL is changed and the content is updated by the website owner. For example – is your old URL. Then the new URL with the updated content will be like
  3. In case, if the outdated content is removed by the user, then it will show a 404 page not found error. For avoiding this situation, it is suggested to the owner to setup a redirect and promote you to other similar pages.

What is too many redirects error?

In this technical era, website owners can set up numerous redirects for a specific page. But some browsers like Firefox and Chrome can redirect a maximum of up to 5 redirects for searching the destination page. If the browser fails to find your content after 5 redirects, then this error is displayed. A lot more reasons are available that give birth to this error.

Recommendations for fixing err_too_many_redirects

Here are some recommendations for both sides. Meanwhile, for the user and website owners. Follow these simple steps for getting rid of this issue –

For User

  • Delete cookies of that specific site

Cookies sometimes contain false data which results in error too many redirects. Follow these steps for deleting cookies on a targeted site in Google Chrome.

  1. Click on the 3 small dots displayed in the upper right corner in Google Chrome. After this, click on settings.
  2. Click on advanced
  3. Select content setting option
  4. Click on cookies and then select ‘see site data and all cookies”.
  5. Find the site domain where an operator is encountering the error.
  6. Delete all the cookies and visit the site again.
  • Determine nature of redirect loop

If deleting cookies won’t work, then various redirect checker tools are also available to understand what is going on? This method is great for solving err_too_many_redirects.

  • Clear server, browser cache and proxy

While trying to solve this error, notice that they can be cached. A smart alternative is to clear the cache on your site, third-party proxy services, the server, and the browser (if required).

  • Notice your HTTPS settings

Checking the HTTPS setting is also essential for getting rid of this error. A majority of times this error occurs when something is not finished up correctly. Don’t force HTTPS without an SSL certificate > hard-coded links are to be updated > check for HTTPS directs.

  • Disable plugins

The outdated plugins are also a major reason for the redirect loop. Disable them temporarily and check whether the issue is solved or not? If yes, then remove the outdated plugins permanently. Fixing err_too_many_redirects can be tricky. But by following the above-mentioned recommendations you will fix it for sure.

For website owner’s

As mentioned above, in some cases this error is the result of an inappropriate setup. Follow these recommendations to ensure that you have a perfect setup.

  1. Check redirection

Various ways are available for setting up redirection on a website. The common and well-known way is to use a server configuration file. Don’t forget to check how the redirection is performing after setting up. For testing the setup, you are also required to clear the browser’s cache.

  • Redirect loop

In this competitive world, the site pages are to be changed frequently. Setting up a direct loop is the most common condition you may end up in. Have a glance at some instances of redirect loop setup. First redirection, old page 1 > new page 1, Second redirection – new page 1 > new page 2 and third redirection – new page 2 > old page 1.

  • Mix Up Redirects

The website owner can set up the redirects in various different manners. A different HTTP status code will be sent to the browser by the webserver for every redirect type.

  1. 301 Permanent Redirect – If the old page is permanently redirected to the new one.
  2. 302 Found – If the page is temporarily (not permanently) redirected to the new page.


Now, you have understood the detailed meaning and steps to fix err_too_many_redirects. Unlike others, dealing with this error is not a big deal. Even a beginner can solve the issues by following the above-mentioned recommendations.