Offshore Server Colocation

Robust Colocation for Cost-Effective Hosting

We provide effective single-server colocation solutions with high-speed networks and excellent support facilities at an affordable price. Experience the perks of managed hosting and enjoy 100% uptime.

Migrate your dedicated servers to a modern Tier III+ Carrier Neutral Data Center in Sofia, Bulgaria. Enjoy unlimited access to multiple Tier I network like Tata, NTT, Level 3, and Tisparkle, apart from over a hundred local and international ISPs. Avoid unforeseen shutdowns due to conflicts with local data laws.

Zynoo’s Offshore Colocation Services Include

  • 24/7 Remote Hands Service
  • Class A Primary Electrical Feed
  • VESDA Aspirating Smoke Detection
  • Backup Power and Security Systems
  • On-site Support for Instant Resolutions
  • Backup Independent Fiber Channel and ISPs
  • 24/7 Technical Support for a World-Class Service
  • Lockable Racks and Cages for Additional Security
  • Sundry Meet Me Rooms (MMRS) and Cable Entry Systems
  • Round the Clock Security with Video Monitoring and Access Control
  • Building Management System for Real-Time Infrastructure Monitoring

Shared colocation, up to 10U

  • 1 U rack space
  • 1 C13 Power Outlet
  • 1 IPv4 Address
  • 0.5A reserved
  • 100Mbit/s - 50TB
  • 40 Gbit/s DDoS protection
€29 /mo Excl vat

Private rack colocation

  • 23U rack space
  • 10A reserved
  • 2x 1Gbit/s (Commitment 100Mbit/s)
  • 40 Gbit/s DDoS protection
  • 2x 32A power feed
  • 2x 6 Ports Unmanaged
  • /28 16 IPv4 Addresses (11 usable)
€499 /mo exc. VAT

Frequently Asked Questions

Colocation is the practice of setting up privately-owned networking hardware and servers in secure third-party data centers instead of maintaining an in-house infrastructure. Opting for a shared space reduces the initial cost and subsequent expenses for maintenance and upkeep. You enjoy all the perks of a dedicated data center like fast internet connection, air conditioning, uninterrupted power supply, advanced DDoS protection, 24/7 security, and technical support at a fraction of the cost and zero risks. Colocation is ideal for companies that need intense reliability and total control over their equipment.

Colocation offers better connectivity, redundant power supply, better network security, flexible servers, and room for growth. Colocation data centers have extensive security, power, and network backups to ensure that the servers stay up and running round the clock. Security is a primary concern and is boosted by the latest in DDoS protection, advanced firewall, and Intrusion Detection Systems to prevent unauthorized access. Colocation data centers are future-proof. If you need increased performance, capacity, or cloud computing, later on, the transition is simple, effortless, and does not hamper business during migration.

Our Tier III data center is located in the heart of the European Union in Sofia, Bulgaria. The carrier-neutral venue is a modern and reliable colocation center and is designed at par with the highest industry standards. Our servers are connected to multiple Tier I network throughout the country for high-speed data connection. This forms the backbone of our service. You get 24/7 access to multiple Bulgarian and international ISPs for optimum performance and minimum downtime. All elements and systems, from transformers to cables and battery packs to HPAC, are redundant.