How To Update PHP in WordPress: Guide for Beginners

If you want to know how to update the PHP version in WordPress but are not sure how to do it. Then this post is meant for you, here we will describe a step-wise method to update PHP in WordPress.

Today anyone can create a website using word press and they don’t require to learn coding for it. Your WordPress site is made using coding language such as PHP. Although you are not required to learn PHP in order to run your website still you should know whether you are using the updated version of PHP or not. This is because hackers can easily hack the outdated version of PHP and crack your websites.

If your website gets hack then they will create havoc on your site by running malicious ads and directing your customers or visitors to the harmful websites. When your WordPress site gets hacked, Google will add you to the blacklist and your account will be suspended by the web host.

You can prevent this problem by updating the PHP version in WordPress. In this post, we will tell you how to check if the version of your site is outdated and how to update it.

What is PHP in WordPress?

Every website is made using code language. Although you can never see it still it plays an important role in the functioning and appearance of the website. There are different languages of coding and the language WordPress uses is the combination of four important languages.

HTML and CSS  are known as the declarative language that runs on browsers and they are known to control the appearance of your website like the image and layout of the website.

JavaScript and PHP- these are the programming languages that run on the webserver. Their function is to control dynamic functions of the website such as navigation menus and call to action buttons.

And PHP is the most popular language used for web development. The WordPress core, themes as well as plugins are mostly written in PHP.

How PHP relates to your site?

As mentioned here PHP runs the webserver. Therefore if there is any problem with your website performance then the root of that problem can be related to PHP and so you need to fix it. If you will not fix the PHP-related issues then your website will not perform properly even if the customer has a good connection or the best laptop in the world. This is the main reason to update PHP in WordPress.

Reasons: How to update PHP in WordPress

1. Security- PHP is known as an open-source programming language. That means you can modify, enhance or help in the development of this language. This language is used by millions of developers around the globe. This is the main reason why PHP is is attractive to hackers. Vulnerability in the language should be fixed quickly as well a new version of the language should be released faster. Updating PHP removes any kind of vulnerability from your website and secures it.

Previous versions of PHP e do not have good security features and so, hackers can break the site easily if you use older versions of PHP.

2. Search engine optimization- it is important to note that if the website doesn’t load in 3 seconds then the visitors will leave the website. Also if the website doesn’t load quickly then it affects the Google ranking of your website.

PHP update will make your WordPress website load faster. That means that more visitors will retain on your page and in turn, your website ranking on the search results will be higher. It will give a better user experience, sales, and conversion.

3. Compatibility– WordPress aims to improve its core as well as release new updates regularly. Themes and plugins also follow suit as well as make sure that their software is compatible with WordPress. The same goes for PHP, as the PHP is updated with WordPress with themes and plugins also become compatible with the latest version available.

If you will not upgrade or update your PHP in WordPress then themes and plugins will also not update or get incompatible.

How to update PHP in WordPress?

It has been mentioned earlier that there are few coding languages that run in the web browsers and PHP runs on the web servers. Your web server is managed and controlled by the web host. If you don’t have your own server then you won’t be able to control it. Therefore you won’t be able to find an option for updating PHP on your WordPress. You require a web hosting account in order to update PHP on a web server. There are different methods used for updating PHP by the web host. In this post, we will tell you how to update PHP through Cpanel

Step 1: Go to the cPanel section of your web hosting account.

Step 2: There should be a section named Software here. You’ll see the option to “Select PHP Version.”

Step 3: After you click it, you will be taken to a new page to see what version of PHP is operating on your WordPress site.

Step 4: Click on the version you wish to update to as well as select the option “Set as current”

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This is how to update PHP in WordPress. Therefore, you can protect your website from security issues as well as performance issues by updating the PHP in WordPress. We hope this guide on updating the PHP version was useful for you!